7830-00Magnet Mom's Hotel always open
7833-00Magnet Anything you can do
7834-00Magnet Laundry
7891-00Magnet When was the last time
7898-00Magnet My secret fantasy
7962-00Magnet There is no home like Grandma's
7965-00Magnet I don't have time to hate I'm busy loving
7966-00Magnet Never let a kiss fool you never let a fool kiss you
7972-00Magnet I've never seen a smiling face that wasn't
7974-00Magnet To do list:
7976-00Magnet Hotel Mama
7977-00Magnet While we try to teach our children
7980-00Magnet Don't put the key
7982-00Magnet Whatever you decide to
7983-00Magnet A home without a dog
7994-00Magnet Don't grow up it's a
7995-00Magnet I love you to the moon
7999-00Magnet Love is in the air
8000-00Magnet This day was a total waste of makeup
8001-00Magnet Du hast es Gut. Du hast mich
8003-00Magnet I'm not getting older I'm just becoming a classic
8004-00Magnet A day without laughter is a day wasted
8005-00Magnet Sometimes when I open my mouth my mother comes out
8006-00Magnet I'm NOT arguing I'm just explaining why I'm right
8002-00Magnet The best thing about memories is making them
8007-00Magnet All you need is a glass of wine
8008-00Magnet Every moment matters
8009-00Magnet You me & the cat
8010-00Magnet You me & the dog
8011-00Magnet I love Christmas
8012-00Magnet Finally it's Christmas
8013-00Magnet Frohe Weihnachten
8014-00Magnet I'm over it
8015-00Magnet Every moment matters
8016-00Magnet Add a little confetti
8017-00Magnet Du bist ein Goldstück
8018-00Magnet Lieblingsmensch
8019-00Magnet Her mit dem schönem Leben
8020-00Magnet It's the little things in life
8021-00Magnet Create a life you love
8022-00Magnet Life is better with friends
8023-00Magnet Just give it all you've got
8024-00Magnet Genuss ist jede Sünde wert

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