2932-00Basket small
2936-00Basket big
4025-18Drawer zinc fits furnitures
5205-11Box w. 8 rooms white
5255-14Box w/6rooms+grasp w/text
5257-14Box set of 2 w/text
5261-14Box/drawer w/handle
5268-14Box w/4 rooms can also be 3 rooms
5270-14Box set/2 w/metal grasps
5302-11Box w/4 rooms oblong
5304-11Basket w/handle
5326-14French wine basket
5327-11Basket w/grasps
9430-25Glass box square small
2951-00Basket set of 3 round
2978-00Wallhang basket small
3025-00Basket set of 3 round w/handle cylinder
3027-00Wallhang basket large
5256-14Box set/2 w/text
6597-24Basket w/2 handles black jute small
6598-24Basket w/2 handles black jute large
6598-30Basket w/2 handles natural jute large
9473-25Box 2 rooms tall backside large
9475-25Glass box w/octagonal pattern
9476-25Glass box w/octagonal pattern oblong
0824-25Glass box w/cover Solitaire medium
1637-00Box set of 4 oblong flower pattern bamboo
1640-00Box set of 3 w/cover round flower bamboo
1636-24Box set of 3 1 oblong 2 square bamboo
3796-00Basket rattan oval w/handle
3797-00Basket rattan w/straight weaving
3798-00Basket set of 2 rattan w/handles
5249-14Box w/9 rooms
5250-14Wooden basket w/handle
5816-18Basket wire round
6598-00Basket w/2 handles striped jute
9170-25Onion basket wire
9620-25Glass box oblong wide edge
9621-25Glass box oblong wide edge
2946-00Basket mini w/handle across
2947-00Basket oval w/handle
2948-00Basket round w/handle
2949-00Basket rectangular w/handle across
5605-00Tray w/9 rooms and grasps Urban Garden
5606-00Tray oblong w/2 rooms Urban Garden
5788-18Basket wire open handle
5786-18Basket set of 2 round wire
5787-18Basket wire open handle
5793-18Basket set of 2 round wire
5848-18Shopping basket
5242-14Box w/4 rooms and metal handles
5245-14Box w/4 rooms and handle on long side
5246-14Basket w/metal handle and metal edges
5850-18Basket round fil de fer
3741-00Basket round rattan
9188-25Basket f/6 cafe glasses
3740-00Basket square rattan
9199-00Basket set of 2 bamboo edge
8209-24Basket wire w/handles
2352-00Box w/metal brackets unique
3159-25Storage basket high design
3154-25Storage box
2943-00Basket w/handle across
2944-00Basket round
2945-00Basket f/1 bottle
5508-18Basket wire w/movable handles
9677-25Glass box open bottom pattern
9678-25Glass box open bottom pattern
9676-25Glass box square
9675-25Glass box square
3791-00Basket w/handle rattan
5509-18Basket knock down
9670-25Glass box w/cover low
5928-18Wall basket oblong wire
5929-18Basket set of 2 wire
9671-25Glass box w/cover low
9665-25Glass box w/17 rooms
2344-00Brick mould single unique
2349-00Brick mould w/3 rooms unique
2353-00Box w/metal brackets unique
2356-00Brick mould double unique
3792-00Basket w/handles open weaving rattan
3793-00Basket set of 2 oval w/handles rattan
3794-00Trunk set of 2 rattan
5237-14Box w/9 rooms and handle in the middle
5238-14Box w/5 rooms and handle on long side
5239-14Box w/12 rooms and metal handle
1688-18Basket set of 3 grey
1688-30Basket set of 3 natural
1688-68Basket set of 3 dusty blue
1689-07Basket set of 3 w/jute handles pink
1689-18Basket set of 3 w/jute handles grey
1689-30Basket set of 3 w/jute handles natural
1689-68Basket set of 3 w/jute handles dusty blue
3169-30Basket set of 3 w/handle bamboo
2332-00Wooden box w/brackets unique
2333-00Wooden box w/brackets unique
2357-00Baking tin w/3 rooms unique NOT FOOD SAFE

Ib Laursen ApS
Øster Vedsted Vej 16
DK-6760 Ribe

VAT: DK50942813

T: +45 7542 4300
F: +45 7542 2727

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday
8.00 am - 4.15 pm
Friday 8.00 am - 2.30 pm

Note that during weeks 28-29-30, phone hours are from 10-15.

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