Candle holders for short candles

8530-00Pharmacies glass
0245-00Pharmacy glass f/short candle harlequin
0310-00Pharmacyglass f/short candle
8148-00Bottle f/short candle leather heart and wooden star
8305-00Candle holder clear f/short candle
8522-12Candle holder Klosters f/short candle
8523-12Candle holder Klosters f/short candle
5820-11Metalclip f/short candle
5820-18Metalclip f/short candle
5820-25Metalclip f/short candle
9449-18Candle holder square f/lanterns
9449-25Candle holder square f/lanterns
0429-18Candle holder wavy edge enamel for 2,2 cm candle
5719-11Candle holder f/short candle
5719-18Candle holder f/short candle
9145-00Candle holder wavy edge
1064-00Glass bottle f/candle
5839-18Candle holder Twist f/short candle
5762-11Advent candleholder for short candles
5762-18Advent candleholder for short candles
8610-12Candle holder f/normal candles matt
5769-18Spear short f/short candle
8571-24Candle holder f/normal candles faint black
8610-24Candle holder f/normal candles black
9146-00Glass f/short candle metal cover
9146-11Glass f/short candle metal cover
9628-25Candle holder round f/lantern for 2,2 cm candle
1041-00Candle holder wide candlering
1042-00Candle holder wavy stander
1077-24Candle holder Black Night no handle f/short candle
5822-11Candle holder f/short candle Ærø
9171-25Bottle f/short candle metal stander
9180-25Candle holder Christmas tree S-shaped
9181-25Candle holder f/short candle S-shaped
9182-11Candle holder f/short candle S-shaped
5887-18Advent candleholder for short candles star w/spear
5886-18Advent candleholder for short candle flat plate
5881-18Candleholder star
5769-11Spear short f/short candle
9656-17Candleholder flower golden
9449-17Candle holder square f/lantern golden
5933-12Candle holder flower pattern fits item 5932-00
5933-18Candle holder flower pattern fits item 5932-00
5933-25Candle holder flower pattern fits item 5932-00
9018-24Candle holder Noir
9019-24Candle holder Noir

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