2410-00Cup w/saucer Blue Rose
2411-00Tea cup w/saucer Blue Rose
2412-00Mug Blue Rose
2413-00Müsli bowl Blue Rose
2414-00Cake plate Blue Rose
2415-00Dinner plate Blue Rose
2416-00Tray oval Blue Rose
2417-00Tea pot Blue Rose 1 ltr
2418-00Tea for one Blue Rose
2420-00Cup w/saucer Blue Rose 2
2421-00Mug Blue Rose 2
2422-00Müsli bowl Blue Rose 2
2423-00Cake plate Blue Rose 2
2491-00Egg cup Cottage Rose
2492-00Tea pot Cottage Rose 1 ltr
2493-00Cup+saucer "Cottage Rose"
2494-00Mug "Cottage Rose"
2495-00Müsli bowl Cottage Rose
2496-00Cake plate Cottage Rose
2497-00Dinner plate "Cottage Rose"
2498-00Tray oval Cottage Rose
2499-00Tea for one Cottage Rose
2486-00Teacup+saucer Salisbury Rose
2489-00Müsli bowl Salisbury Rose
1187-00Glass bowl wide grooves
1756-00Cheese knife w/acacia handle
1757-00Tapas fork w/acacia handle
1758-00Cheese knife wide w/acacia handle
2401-00Cup+saucer Cottage Rose 2
2402-00Mug Cottage Rose 2
2403-00Müsli bowl Cottage Rose 2
2404-00Cake plate Cottage Rose 2
1580-00Cup w/o ear small Heart
1581-00Cup large Heart
1582-00Mug Heart
1583-00Plate mini Heart
1584-00Plate oblong Heart
1585-00Bowl small Heart
1586-00Bowl large Heart
1587-00Pitcher Heart 0,2 ltr
2470-13Mug Liva blue
2470-22Mug Liva green
2470-33Mug Liva red
2470-68Mug Liva dusty blue
2472-13Bowl small Liva blue
2472-22Bowl small Liva green
2472-33Bowl small Liva red
2471-13Bowl mini Liva blue
2471-22Bowl mini Liva green
2473-13Bowl large Liva blue
2473-22Bowl large Liva green
2473-33Bowl large Liva red
2474-13Plate oval Liva blue
2474-22Plate oval Liva green
2474-33Plate oval Liva red
2474-68Plate oval Liva dusty blue
2432-13Lunch plate Delicate Blue
2432-18Lunch plate Delicate Grey
2432-11Lunch plate Delicate White
2437-11Pitcher Delicate White 1 ltr
2430-11Cup w/saucer Delicate White 170 ml
2431-13Mug Delicate Blue 320 ml
2431-18Mug Delicate Grey 320 ml
2431-11Mug Delicate White 320 ml
2433-11Dinner plate Delicate White
2434-13Müsli bowl Delicate Blue
2434-18Müsli bowl Delicate Grey
2434-11Müsli bowl Delicate White
2435-11Bowl Delicate White
2436-11Bowl Delicate White
2038-18Plate Mynte French Grey
2038-11Plate Mynte Pure White
2038-01Plate Mynte Latte
2037-18Cup w/saucer Mynte French Grey 135 ml
2037-11Cup w/saucer Mynte Pure White 135 ml
2037-01Cup w/saucer Mynte Latte 135 ml

Ib Laursen ApS
Øster Vedsted Vej 16
DK-6760 Ribe

VAT: DK50942813

T: +45 7542 4300
F: +45 7542 2727

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday
8.00 am - 4.15 pm
Friday 8.00 am - 2.30 pm

Note that during weeks 28-29-30, phone hours are from 10-15.

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