Baking and cooking

2053-11Mixing bowl Mynte Pure White
2061-11Loaf pan Mynte round Pure White
2062-11Pie dish Mynte Pure White
2069-11Bakeware Mynte medium Pure White
2070-11Bakeware Mynte large Pure White
2071-01Loaf pan Mynte Latte
2071-11Loaf pan Mynte Pure White
2071-13Loaf pan Mynte Nordic Sky
2071-33Loaf pan Mynte Strawberry
2086-01Cup cake bowl Mynte Latte
2086-07Cup cake bowl Mynte English Rose
2086-09Cup cake bowl Mynte Cornflower
2086-11Cup cake bowl Mynte Pure White
2086-13Cup cake bowl Mynte Nordic Sky
2086-18Cup cake bowl Mynte French Grey
2086-33Cup cake bowl Mynte Strawberry
2087-01Heart shaped plate set of 3 Mynte Latte
2087-07Heart shaped plate set of 3 Mynte English Rose
2087-11Heart shaped plate set of 3 Mynte Pure White
2087-33Heart shaped plate set of 3 Mynte Strawberry
2098-27Batter bowl mini Mynte Vintage Rose
2075-22Batter bowl Mynte Meadow Green
2075-51Batter bowl Mynte Lavender Haze
2086-22Cup cake bowl Mynte Meadow Green
2086-51Cup cake bowl Mynte Lavender Haze
2075-61Batter bowl Mynte Milky Brown
2075-82Batter bowl Mynte Butter Cream
2086-61Cup cake bowl Mynte Milky Brown
2086-82Cup cake bowl Mynte Butter Cream
2098-82Batter bowl mini Mynte Butter Cream
2098-61Batter bowl mini Mynte Milky Brown

Ib Laursen ApS
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DK-6760 Ribe

VAT: DK50942813

T: +45 7542 4300
F: +45 7542 2727

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday
8.00 am - 4.15 pm
Friday 8.00 am - 2.30 pm

Note that during weeks 28-29-30, phone hours are from 10-15.

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