4925-05Bracelet beads w/gold edge w/2 loops for closing
4926-05Bracelet weaving yellow/pink/ green
4926-22Bracelet weaved green/pink/ grey
6901-46Blouse w/tieband Anna Aquarelle
6902-46Shirt w/Chinese collar Anna Aquarelle
6903-46Long shirt Anna Aquarelle
6904-46Pants Anna Aquarelle
6902-18Shirt w/Chinese collar Anna Pearl Grey
6903-18Long shirt Anna Pearl Grey
6905-18Kimono Anna Pearl Grey
4493-27Cotton poncho
4493-24Cotton poncho
4493-18Cotton poncho
4493-13Cotton poncho
6901-18Blouse w/tieband Anna Pearl Grey
4488-11Bag canvas
4441-18Scarf grey diagonal cut
2370-14Clutch flat w/zipper
2370-24Clutch flat w/zipper
2371-14Clutch flat square bottom w/zipper
2371-24Clutch flat square bottom w/zipper
2372-14Shoulder bag Luna magnetic closure
2372-24Shoulder bag Luna magnetic closure
2373-14Shoulder bag Sarah w/plain pushbutton
2373-24Shoulder bag Sarah w/plain pushbutton
4973-12Earrings no stone Simplicity silver plated
4973-17Earrings no stone Simplicity gold plated
4974-12Earrings w/emblem silver plated
4974-17Earrings w/emblem gold plated
4975-16Earrings round w/emblem silver oxide
4975-17Earrings round w/emblem gold plated

Ib Laursen ApS
Øster Vedsted Vej 16
DK-6760 Ribe

VAT: DK50942813

T: +45 7542 4300
F: +45 7542 2727

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday
8.00 am - 4.15 pm
Friday 8.00 am - 2.30 pm

Note that during weeks 28-29-30, phone hours are from 10-15.

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