Christmas decorations

3029-00Star made from wooden sticks
3030-00Star made from wooden sticks
3031-00Heart made from boughs
3032-00Heart made from boughs
3039-00Ball made from boughs
3021-18Jute bag w/poly inside grey
5773-11Chain w/8 clips mini
5773-18Chain w/8 clips mini
8744-00Light chain 10 LED lights star
8743-00Light chain 10 LED lights Angel
8740-00Light chain 10 LED lights batteries not included
8741-00Light chain 20 LED lights batteries not included
8742-00Light chain 40 LED lights batteries not included
8540-00Glass cover bottleshaped no bottom
8541-00Glass cover bottleshaped no bottom
8544-00Glass cover large with hole
9256-11Candle holder f/small candle star
9249-18Car w/christmas tree on the roof
9245-99Santa Claus 2 ass mini standing
9239-11Paper cut forest
9238-11Paper cut village
3043-00Christmas tree wrapped with twigs
3044-00Christmas tree wrapped with twigs
3045-00Christmas tree wrapped with twigs
3046-00Christmas tree wrapped with twigs
3047-00Star wrapped with twigs
3048-00Star wrapped with twigs
3049-00Star wrapped with twigs
3051-00Christmas tree made from twigs
3052-00Christmas tree made from twigs
3055-00Heart wrapped with twigs
3056-00Heart wrapped with twigs
3057-00Heart wrapped with twigs
3058-00Heart bent of willow
3059-00Heart bent of willow
3060-00Heart bent of willow
3061-00Christmas tree made from boughs
5904-18Cone hanging
5904-11Cone hanging
5903-18Cone hanging
5903-11Cone hanging
5897-18Christmas tree stranding straight
5896-18Christmas tree stranding straight
5895-18Christmas tree plain
5894-18Christmas tree plain
3969-99Christmas tree black 3 ass standing
5501-18Star w/snow flake
5502-18Star w/snow flakes
5503-18Angel w/trompet
5504-18Angel w/trompet
5500-18Heart w/snow flake
5505-18Christmas tree
5506-18Christmas tree
5507-18Christmas tree modern version
7110-18Christmas tree w/star oblique
7111-18Christmas tree w/star oblique
7112-25Christmas tree standing w/24 hooks
7113-25Christmas tree standing w/24 hooks
7114-25Christmas tree f/wall w/24 hooks
8174-24Christmas tree standing
8175-24Christmas tree standing
8176-24Pig standing
8177-24Pig standing
8170-14Christmas tree standing
8171-14Christmas tree standing
8172-14Snow crystal standing
8173-14Snow crystal standing
1897-00Jute sack
9002-17Bell conical plain jute string
9003-17Bell small grooved jute string
9004-17Bell wavy jute string
9005-17Bell large grooved jute string
9006-17Bell plain jute string
8747-00Light chain 20 LED lights for outdoor use no timer
8748-00Light chain 40 LED lights for outdoor use no timer
8178-24Christmas tree for hanging
8179-24Christmas tree for hanging
8180-24Star for hanging
8181-24Star for hanging
8182-24Star for hanging
9009-25Angel Luna wire heart
9011-25Angel Luna wire wing pattern
9010-25Angel Luna wire heart
9012-25Angel Luna wire wing pattern
5876-18String with star golden wire
1890-00String w/20 Danish flags
1891-00String w/10 Danish flags
9236-18Christmas tree concrete
0289-00Hyacinth glass narrow neck
2623-99Cone 3 ass My Nostalgic Christmas
2624-99Pig 4 ass My Nostalgic Christmas
2626-00Candy cane My Nostalgic Christmas
2627-99Goose 4 ass My Nostalgic Christmas
2630-00Pig My Nostalgic Christmas

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