Christmastree decorations

8715-18Angel flat rounded wings White Dream
8726-18Christmas ornament rounded White Dream
9104-11Heart for hanging monogram
9109-18Star for hanging lace
8153-11Star w/leather string for hanging white
8153-14Star w/leather string for hanging brown
8153-24Star w/leather string for hanging black
5765-11Cone for hanging white
5765-18Cone for hanging grey
5770-18Candleholder for christmas tree
9210-11Bell white mini jute string
9211-11Bell white jute hanger
9159-11Bell small jute hanger
9160-11Bell big jute hanger
9160-25Bell big jute hanger
6591-18Rug round natural jute
9257-11Christmas ornament 3 ass Christmas tree
9253-12Christmas ornament 2 ass glitter trompet drum
9252-12Christmas ornamen cone glitter
9251-12Christmas ornament 2 ass glitter
9247-99Christmas ornament 3 ass concrete jute string
9243-11Paper cut on a string snow crystal
9242-11Paper cut on a string snow crystal
9241-99Paper cut 3 ass snow crystal sizes varies
9240-99Paper cut 4 ass 1 snow crystal
2731-99Gifts 3 ass for hanging
2620-99Heart 6 ass My Nostalgic Christmas
2621-99Heart w/wooden button 6 ass My Nostalgic Christmas
5871-18Christmas ornament star with a little star in the middle
5872-18Christmas ornament star golden wire
5873-18Christmas ornament star with narrow wings golden wire
9009-25Angel Luna wire heart
9011-25Angel Luna wire wing pattern
9010-25Angel Luna wire heart
9012-25Angel Luna wire wing pattern

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