Garden accessories

1524-00String on wooden stand linen L:35 m
3320-00Brazier on stand
4251-18Tray oval small zinc
4252-18Tray oval zinc large zinc
5255-14Box w/6rooms+grasp w/text
5257-14Box set of 2 w/text
7257-11Holder f/pots w/20 "Arms"
0421-11Enamel bucket large 10 L
0436-11Enamel bucket small 5,5 ltr
5703-18Window basket oblong wire
1517-00Scissors small
1518-00Scissors medium
1519-00Scissors large
5714-18Candletray w/edge plain
5714-25Candletray w/edge plain
5715-18Candletray w/edge plain
5715-25Candletray w/edge plain
5716-18Candletray w/edge plain
5716-25Candletray w/edge plain
5717-18Candletray w/edge plain
5717-25Candletray w/edge plain
5256-14Box set/2 w/text
4232-05Mister yellow
1520-00Scissor long
5818-18Dustpan wooden handle
5826-18Holder f/pots without hanger
4232-13Mister blue
4232-33Mister red
4264-18Bucket zinc 8 ltr
4265-18Bucket zinc 10 ltr
5240-14Tray w/wheels
5781-18Wall bar fits 5783-18
5783-18Basket oval fits 5781-18
5782-18Wall bar fits 5783-18 and 5785-18
5785-18Basket set of 2 oval fits 5782-18
2365-11Cafe set 1 table and 2 chairs white
2365-24Cafe set 1 table and 2 chairs black
2365-26Cafe set 1 table and 2 chairs light blue
3435-18Wallhang holder f/flower pot for pot 1499-00/1508-11/24/33
3436-18Wallhang holder f/flower pot pot 1432-18/14,0114-00,0680-00
3438-18Holder f/flower pot hanging
3439-18Holder f/4 flower pots hanging pot 0313-, 1508-11/-24/-33
3432-25Cover chicken wire
3433-25Cover chicken wire
7218-00String hanger w/string app 190 m
9635-25Hotbed Green House
9640-48Planter w/bowl Waddensea look is individual
9641-48Planter w/bowl set of 2 waddensea look is individual
0121-00Wasps catcher
8211-00Wallhanging rack f/5 pots and w/5 hooks
8210-00Rack wallhanging w/10 holders
8203-25Display w/4 movable baskets
7216-18Wall hanger w/25 hooks
5934-18Candle tray w/edge
5934-25Candle tray w/edge
5935-18Candle tray w/edge
5935-25Candle tray w/edge
2900-14Cone for bird feeding

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