Home accessories

5967-11Paperclip white
5967-25Paperclip grey
5968-11Paperclip white magnet
5968-25Paperclip grey magnet
0443-11Bowl for cat enamel
0444-11Bowl for dog enamel
6121-11Curtain w/tiebands
3104-00Wine rack f/12 bottles
6121-18Curtain w/tiebands
5773-18Chain w/8 clips mini
5773-11Chain w/8 clips mini
1381-13Tiles 6 ass Marrakech mini
1381-18Tiles 6 ass Marrakech mini
1381-22Tiles 6 ass Marrakech mini
1381-24Tiles 6 ass Marrakech mini
1382-18Tiles 6 ass Marrakech medium
1382-22Tiles 6 ass Marrakech medium
1638-99Pencil case 3 ass colours bamboo
3153-25Archives stander 2-layers
5823-99Letters ABC@&
5825-11Wooden rack 6 white clips
6631-00Doorstopper elephant Bodil
9177-25Walldecor metal circle pattern
7201-25Clips mini clips: 2,5x1 cm
9169-00Bottle mini f/flowers for hanging
4163-99Scented bag 3 ass
8540-00Glass cover bottleshaped no bottom
8541-00Glass cover bottleshaped no bottom
1388-18Tiles 3 ass oblong
1388-24Tiles 3 ass oblong
5780-18Magazine holder f/wall
3439-18Holder f/4 flower pots hanging pot 0313-, 1508-11/-24/-33
6488-18Pouf of Tibetan lamb fur w/polystyrene filling
1084-00Glass jar w/cover brass look not food safe
1085-00Glass jar w/cover brass look not food safe
8256-00Wall paper eye test
9185-25Cover w/holes f/jam glass
9186-11Cover w/net f/jam glass
9186-25Cover w/net f/jam glass
9187-25Glass jar w/net cover
9644-25Box f/wall w/mirror front
9636-48Bowl Waddensea look is individual
9637-48Bowl Waddensea look is individual
9638-48Bowl Waddensea look is individual
9639-48Bowl Waddensea look is individual
9642-25Bowl set of 3 f/wall
8507-00Glass balloon tall
8508-00Glass balloon round
7287-00Wooden plate w/4 clips
0207-00Glass balloon w/wire handblown
8254-00Wall picture fern leaves
8250-00Wall picture light pink flower
8251-00Wall picture roses
8252-00Wall picture w/fig and other fruits
8253-00Wall picture w/berries
8248-99Wall picture 4 ass leaves of ferns
2339-00Candle holder unique different sizes and patterns
2344-00Brick mould single unique
2349-00Brick mould w/3 rooms unique
2350-00Wooden tray round unique chapati tray different sizes
2353-00Box w/metal brackets unique
2356-00Brick mould double unique
6660-13Door stopper dog Hugo
6660-18Door stopper dog Hugo
3794-00Trunk set of 2 rattan
4165-99Scented candle 3 ass
2332-00Wooden box w/brackets unique
2333-00Wooden box w/brackets unique
2334-00Chapati board unique size can vary
9808-00Scented oil and sticks Wild Rose 50 ml
9264-18Bord concrete belly black
9265-18Bord concrete belly black

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