0255-00Candletray glass Flora
0256-00Candletray glass Flora
4251-18Tray oval small zinc
4252-18Tray oval zinc large zinc
5252-14Tray Bistro de Paris
5714-18Candletray w/edge plain
5714-25Candletray w/edge plain
5715-18Candletray w/edge plain
5715-25Candletray w/edge plain
5716-18Candletray w/edge plain
5716-25Candletray w/edge plain
5717-18Candletray w/edge plain
5717-25Candletray w/edge plain
5731-18Tray with edge
5774-18Table plate narrow oblong wire
1102-00Tray round Elegance
5771-18Table plate oblong wire
9173-25Tray round Indy
5790-18Tray oblong
5791-18Tray square
5792-18Tray square
3742-00Tray w/2 handles rattan
3743-00Tray w/high edge and 2 handles rattan
5891-18Tray round tall edge
9001-25Tray round w/edge
1771-00Bowl mango wood w/black outside
1772-00Bowl mango wood w/black outside
5512-18Tray Shantiraj hammered aluminium
5934-18Candle tray w/edge
5934-25Candle tray w/edge
5935-18Candle tray w/edge
5935-25Candle tray w/edge
9014-25Bowl fil de fer
9015-25Bowl fil de fer
2350-00Wooden tray round unique chapati tray different sizes
3168-30Tray set of 3 NO handles bamboo
2334-00Chapati board unique size can vary
2331-00Wooden tray unique

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