6206-15Cushion cover pink tie dye
2029-28Flower pot Myrra powder
2030-28Flower pot Myrra powder
2029-27Flower pot Myrra Vintage Rose
0192-23Flower pot transp turquoise
7966-00Magnet Never let a kiss fool you
8000-00Magnet This day was a total waste of makeup
6261-06Cushion cover lilac
7891-00Magnet When was the last time
7980-00Magnet Don't put the key
7834-00Magnet Laundry
7833-00Magnet Anything you can do
6475-00Cushion filler round Ø:60 cm
7965-00Magnet I don't have time to hate I'm busy loving
8012-00Magnet Finally it's Christmas
0533-11Hook w/circle pattern
0533-24Hook w/circle pattern
0538-00Shelf holder mini
1032-00Teelight glass smoked
1670-00Box w/star on cover unique soapstone
1674-00Elephant unique soapstone
5823-99Letters ABC@
6128-02Cushion cover checkered dark beige/beige combination
6128-13Cushion cover checkered beige/blue combination
6622-00Rug brown, hand made w/slight colour variations
2036-72Heartcandle holder D1,2 candle
6630-00Toilet bag
3411-25Holder f/tea light w/flowers
3411-11Holder f/tea light w/flowers
0454-22Bucket enamel mini
3156-30Bird cage square ONLY DECORATION
9622-18Lantern oblong open chimney
1311-29Vase glazed Agair pearl edge
5731-18Tray with edge
6203-47Cushion cover Sahara
6201-47Cushion cover Sahara
6229-47Cushion cover velvet Sahara
9532-00Napkin Bon Appétit
3431-26Lantern round w/o glass

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