There's something unique about growing your own potatoes... from pre-planting to putting the tubers in the ground. And then, of course, the moment when the first 'nuggets' can be harvested - and you can enjoy the first mouthfuls of heaven...


1. Pre-planting

In late February or early March. Place the potatoes face-up in a box. Put the box in a bright and cool place, and within a good month, sprouts will appear. It is these sprouts that will later turn into the potato plant above ground.

2. Plant the potatoes in April

The process from planting to the final harvesting takes about 80 to 100 days. Place the potatoes in loose, dry soil in a sunny spot where no potatoes have grown in the last 3-4 years. Place the potatoes about 30 cm apart, with the sprouts facing upwards, about 4 cm below the ground.

3. "Hilling" potatoes

2-3 times during a season, the potatoes need to be "hilled", the first time when the plant is 10-15 cm high and from then on as needed. To "hill" potatoes means chopping the soil into a mound around the potato row. In May-June they should be "hilled" until the mound is about 30 cm high. This kills weeds, protects against potato blight, and increases the yield because the potato plant produces more rhizomes.

4. Harvest

If potatoes have had optimal warm conditions, the harvesting can start from June. Otherwise, August and September offer fresh, delicious potatoes.


Urban gardening – the tiny garden

Use every square metre on your balcony or terrace and grow your own vegetable garden in baskets and pots. 

Tip: Use the existing plastic pot from your new plant to create a small whole in the new dirt when you want to repot - the plant will fit right in.  

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