About us

Welcome to Ib Laursen

Ib Laursen ApS is a family-owned multi-brand company that designs home and garden decor items that match the Nordic design tradition and sells them to retailers worldwide. Our product range is comprehensive and offers many options for creating a unique and cosy decor. Over time, we have become a universe of in-house brands, all of which aim to create cosy moments, both indoors and outdoors. Our three brands: ALTUM, Mynte and Stillenat, each have their own identity and range, and the Ib Laursen brand’s DNA runs through them all - a contemporary design that allows you to create your own personal decor.

Our aesthetics are rooted in the Nordic design tradition with inspiration from all around the world. Our assortment is wide and designed to give a Nordic feeling of "hygge" both inside and outside, and a large part of the collection is designed in-house. We get our inspiration from old Nordic traditions, but also travel the world to search for just the right atmosphere, which result in 4 large collections a year. The products are manufactured by carefully selected suppliers and shipped from our head office in Ribe to our retailer network worldwide.

Ib Laursen ApS has sales representatives and agents in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, England, Germany, Poland, Finland, Italy and the Netherlands and employs around 60 people at the head office in Ribe, all eager to service the ever-growing retailer network.

In addition to a large showroom at the head office in Ribe, there is a wide selection of inspiration catalogues, a website and newsletters. You can find Ib Laursen at the largest trade fairs in Scandinavia, Germany and France, with large, inspiring and award-winning trade fair stands every six months. As a new initiative since 2020, we also come and visit our customers on special occasions, with the new “showtruck” concept, our showroom on wheels.

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Our brands

With a history in furniture design, applied art and interior design, Ib Laursen ApS as a company has developed into one of Scandinavia’s largest suppliers in the area of applied art. With an ambition to be your preferred supplier of lifestyle products for the home and garden, the company has developed three in-house brands: ALTUM, Mynte and Stillenat.

Our values

As a family-owned, multi-brand company focusing on B2B, we live by the values of passion, trust and availability.

Availability means that, with more than 2500 items in the range and more than 2000 items in stock, we can usually deliver directly to our customers as soon as they order. Furthermore, our designs are versatile and affordable and can always be combined in different styles, with the aim of enabling our customers to create their very own personal décor, available to everyone.

The Laursen family’s passion for cosy decor flows through the company and has today become one of the cornerstones the company is made of, right from the moment you meet us on the phone, at trade fairs or online. Our passion helps us push ahead and make sure we are always at the forefront of design, service, and quality.

Trust is expressed in a mutual internal understanding of decor, which must create cosy nooks both outside and inside, but equally, trust goes both ways between our customers and us. At Ib Laursen, service comes first, and we do a lot to live up to our customers’ expectations. In this way, our values are part of the company’s daily routine and not just something we say.

Our history

Ib Laursen ApS was founded as a regular furniture shop in 1971 by founder, Ib Laursen, in Ribe. The shop “Ny Form” evolved into several shops through the 70s, with two shops on the small southern Danish island of Rømø. In 1975, a small shop with delicacies and applied arts was added, called Ribe Høkerhandel.

The beginning of the wholesale adventure we know today came to fruition in 1976, when a collection of, among other things, porcelain dolls and cloth nappies was imported. In the following years, the wholesale segment developed, and we began to travel to the Far East ourselves, as some of the very first in this industry. Since then, the company has grown into one of Scandinavia’s largest wholesale suppliers in the field of interior design and applied art.

In 1981, a boiled sweet factory was acquired in Odense and in 1984, it moved to new premises in Ribe, where the head office is today. Here, the wholesale business was also housed in new premises, and since then, the development has only gone one way. In the 1990s, goods were exported in earnest via agents and trade fairs, and this trend continues to this day, when we are in most markets in Europe.

In 2007, son Peter Laursen took control of the company after a long-planned generational transfer and was then appointed CEO after his father, Ib Laursen. The main goal and vision of the company continues to be constant development and to be at the forefront of design, quality and service.

In 2020, the company inaugurated completely new office, showroom and warehouse buildings, beautifully located on the outskirts of Denmark’s oldest town, Ribe in Jutland.

In 2021, it is the company’s 50th anniversary, and you can read more about that here.