Display w/4 rooms UNIQUE Shaker

Display w/4 rooms UNIQUE Shaker

Produkt detaljer

  • Brand Unika
  • Barcode 5709898353360
  • Minimum Quantity 2
  • Net weight kg 1.95
  • Dimensions in cm W: 24 H: 7 L: 35
  • Material Wood
  • Unit pcs

Long Description

This beautiful display is made from recycled wood coming from old, demolished houses and the like, and the unevenness and patina create a unique, rustic look - giving each display its own unique charm. However, all displays have the same dimensions and design. The display is part of our new furniture range ‘Shaker’. The furniture is inspired by the Shaker style, a design style characterized by elegant simplicity and functional design. The natural beauty and charm of the wood are at the centre of this new range - and the simple expression makes the furniture a timeless classic.