House f/tealight Nyhavn 2 dormer windows

House f/tealight Nyhavn 2 dormer windows

Produkt detaljer

  • Barcode 5709898353803
  • Minimum Quantity 6
  • Net weight kg 0.8
  • Dimensions in cm W: 7,5 H: 17,5 L: 14,5
  • Material Stone ware
  • Unit pcs

Long Description

Who doesn't love the beautiful Nyhavn houses with their sweet little details and glossy ceramics? The houses are inspired by the harbour district of Nyhavn in Copenhagen, known for its colourful houses, each with a unique history and a slightly quirky expression. The charming ceramic houses can stand alone, placed among pots and plants, or lined up in a row to create a small neighborhood. The Nyhavn houses create a delightful atmosphere wherever they are placed, and when a lit tealight is placed inside, you can enjoy the cosy light shining through the small windows. This Nyhavn house has 2 small dormers, and on each side of the front door, there are two windows with panes. The facade has a beautiful gray colour, and the roof is light brown. Firing pottery is always exciting, and only after the firing you will know the actual result and intensity of the colours. This is what gives pottery that unique and original look that we all love.