Loofah sponge ALTUM

Loofah sponge ALTUM

Produkt detaljer

  • Brand ALTUM
  • Barcode 5709898297466
  • Minimum Quantity 24
  • Net weight kg 0.02
  • Dimensions in cm L: 12,5 Ø: 6,5
  • Material Loofah
  • Unit pcs

Long Description

The loofah is a natural product, deriving from the cucumber family, which grows in both tropical and sub-tropical climates. While still small, the fruits are edible. The vegetable is particularly popular in India, China and Vietnam. Once fully grown, the fruit is very rich on fibers. Hereafter, the fruit is dried, and skin and seeds are removed, which leaves just the sponge. A loofah sponge is your ideal tool to remove dead skin cells and to stimulate blood circulation. The sponge is also suited for house cleaning.